This is a coffee painting

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This is a coffee painting. Done with instead coffee mixture.
I am sending it to the arts and crafts section.

Rangoli: This is a coffee painting


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This is so beautiful! You've a unique style of getting your caffiene intake madam! The outlines, the mirror work and the contrasting shades of brown are all working together beautifully! Smile

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Viji Madam , one Second coffee is good, secondly the bird what you have choosen is excellent.
All kitchen smell to-day in IKOLAM .... makes me to sit in front of IKOLAM only.

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A gorgeous brown peacock. Do you take your coffee with milk or without?

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a perfect art with neat,elegant finish ma'm.i would be pleased to know whether the background white was paper or cloth so that i could also try one

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Hi Viji madam , Your annam looks very nice. Just wanted to share that I saw a similar annam in a painting mela held by Pedilite( Fevicryl) and Kumudam snehithi (the painting is published in the Sept 08 issue). Were you one of the participants? Anyway good work...

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Viji Excellent !!!

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wow!! what a beautiful combination of browns....

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viji ma'm,brown peacock with brown wood frame looks nice.

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manakk manakk oru coffee painting!

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Viji Ma'am, on what material have you done this exquisite and stunning work?

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Thanks dear for your appreciation and presented my work here.

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This kolam I can only do. Because i dont do filter coffee like you. Only instant coffee. So It is easy for me.
Thanks for the FB. But in front of your kolams mine is chotta yar. But we should not compare one another no?
I love your kolams yar.
I must Thank Lata for presenting the LKG level paintings also here.

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Dear leena,
I used to take coffee with milk. tifical Indian coffee. But here my annam dont like milk.
so brown Cofffee only.
Instead of milk i just give her white stones.o.k.

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I had done with carboard. The white one. While doing Framme work it is pasted another carboard by the framme work professional..

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Dear Rajamma Madam.
You are exactly correct. I attended the class. I have finished with acralic colour paintings and frammed the work. To present to a friend i got sudden idea of cofee painting.So I used the motif of annam already i had done with. Somehow it came nice.
Have you seen the meenkari? That also I had done there in the same class in the afternoon session.It was with M.seal. I will upload that too.

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Indira,Judelined,Ashanagendra,Jayamohan and Rajarathndr
Thankyou dearones.
Your appreciation gives boost to me. I can do more works by this enthusiasam.
I am not professional. Just learner. All the paintings I do and present to my friends in the appreopriate occations.

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Beautiful work ,could you elaborate on the method of doing it.

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Dear Vijayalakshmi, just 2 days back I got the Snehidhi magazine from the Library and saw the article and picture. My daughter was telling me to put the rangoli of this beautiful annam. But When I opened the ikolam site, saw the same Annam standing majestically in a browu frame ( after drinking coffe I presume).
I wrote the details just to know more details about the class. You see we ikolam members are always in the learning process and willing to know new methods to introduce. So you can teach us what you have learnt.

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Viji Madam yannau class le sethukongu.Nanu vare unga art classku.....

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Dear Sumathi,
It is very easy method only
First copy the annam motif(others if you like but should have a lot of curves like motif).in a canvas cloth(Sorry i typed wrongly on my previous reply as cardboard But it is not cardboard and canvass)by yellow carbon.
Then take 3d metalic Gold outliner and give all the outline in that evenly.Take a little instant coffee add a little glue and gloss to it and a little water make a paste. With this paste apply whever you want thick colour. It is your choice. Then add a little more water and make the remaining paste thinner and apply the remaining parts.I used to make jewels. So I always prefer jewel making items in all my painting. So I pasted white stones according to my taste. This can be finished without even the stones. It is your like.Then paste the canvass cloth into a cardboard and then framme it. Even gold colour or brown colour framme matches the painting. O.K. any doubt?

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Thank you sooo much for the detailed explanation, let me try it out and then come out further doubts. Your ideas and work is definetly great .What a great shading with brown color.

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Nice of you to have shared your little secret Viji. Thanks.

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Viji,no words to appriciate.I think i was late to see this when look after the comments. any way continue the postings.

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Lata Mam,we are verymuch thankful to u for this ikolamsite.I told about this site to my friends and relatives.

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Madhuji, I'm thankful to all of you for taking some time out from your busy lives to post and share here in this site.
Thank you also for spreading the word about ikolam. I'm sure pretty soon we are going to get to enjoy more creations by some new people too!
Please feel free to address me as Lata Smile

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Hello Vijji madam!! I'm a new member joined just a few min. back. I saw ur artistic work n i'm very much interrested in this kind. Thank u for presenting ur works in such site as we all can follow u people n know more abt such good things. i too will try this at home.I wish u will make much more in this feild.

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chala bagundi,cute g aundi mee art.

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very beautiful work..i feel like trying it too