Traditional Kolam

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Yet another traditional kolam. Hope you all like it. This was made on pongal day.

Rangoli: Traditional Kolam


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Quite pleasing!

Lines were drawn nicely. Could have drawn the design at the centre and the border
a bit more carefully to preserve symmetry.

Another general query to everybody - How do you wash yesterday's design without
leaving any trace of colour so that a clean slate (literally) is available for
today's drawing?

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful design!

mOhanaji, the cleaning procedure differs a little depending on the kind of floor. Whenever kaavi was used (only once a week in my household), my mom would sprinkle cleaning powder (Vim/surf) on the stain and leave it for a few minutes before scrubbing hard with her outdoor-broomstick. That used to work just fine, and would give her a clean slate on a rough cemented floor (she would just wipe away the stain from a smooth cemented floor). I guess it is much easier to sweep off the kaavi residue from the ground (dirt, as followed by grandma who lives in a village).

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Vasanthi - simple yet neat. Kavi always gives a rich look to any kolam....

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Vasanthaji excelent...keep itup.simple and looks nice.

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Vasanthaji, beautiful design and the border also looks differernt.

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Vasanthaji, a small sugesstion, In the 6 ezhais( 3 double lines) if you put the inner and outer ezhais a little thicker then the design will look brighter. You can see BrindhaNagesh madam's kozhal kolam for guidance.(go to her Gallery)

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Simple and traditional kolam with nice border.