Triangular chikku kolam-1 of Mr. Mohanaji

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I have tried the chikku kolam with wet rice maavu. Hope the triangles and the wavy pattern are ok. A small kolam at the side drawn on the same method.

Rangoli: Triangular chikku kolam-1 of Mr. Mohanaji


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lovely Rajamma mam...u r learning all d lessons so quickly....hats off....

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Brilliant Work RajamAmma.. Noted your words for me in JKM's page. . Thanks for your advice and will try to give my version soon..

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Really a difficult task to make a kolam like this in kola podi and wet maavi, Rajam. (like a knitted mat) . You have put a great effort in both the kolams. Lovely.

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It is wonderful and very artistic.

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Challenging work chithi.

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Lovely rAjamMAjI! Drawing with rangOli powder is easier, but drawing with wet flour is indeed quite difficult. That is why any imperfections are considered unintentional Smile I am fascinated by the left one. (I remember to have done something like this. I have to search, alas, my computer is down for a few more days.) It has seven stars of David. That is a very good design for knitting.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice netted look chiku kolam!
The one on the left reminds me of one of my group of stars rangoli done years ago:

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rajam, I'm sure you never sleep until you achieve the results! You discussed with me on Sunday and uploaded the product on Monday!

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difficult task accomplished, this is too good...both the stars.... nope the galaxies are looking good Smile

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A difficult kolam drawn with lot of precision. A highly commendable artistic work.

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Excellent Rajam - when i saw the thumbnail I thought it was another one from JKM and was pleasantly surprised to see your creativity here. Extremely neat and challenging work - hats off Smile