Ugadi Rangoli

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Ugadi Rangoli sent earlier not posted in my gallary. Sending once again. Please add it to my gallary now.

(ரொம்ப நன்றி .நடுவில் மட்டும் புள்ளிகள் .13-3-3)

Rangoli: Ugadi Rangoli


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Very nice. This file has been uploaded today. You may have sent it earlier, but it never made it in the site-queue. We usually contact members even if we have the file partially. We'll do as you say, and would add it to your gallery. Could you please start commenting on others works every once in a while? Smile

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Wow! This is simply superb, i think this is dotted kolam with extra free hand designs, very nice and if possible can you please let me know the dot counts, the four side designs resembles like kids musical instruments and even like auto horn. The whole design has come out well with good symmetry

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nice design.

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pretty nice with good kaavi it dotted? seeing dots here and there Smile

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very beautiful and nice kolam with kavi. super mam.

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very nice kolam, the colouring and designs are perfect and wonderful looking mixed style kolam,congrats it has come out nice

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hai mam very beautiful kolam i just can't take my eyes off it thanks a lot for sharing

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ரொம்ப நன்றி .நடுவில் மட்டும் புள்ளிகள் .13-3-3

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Beautiful ...-Indira

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This kolam looks quite rich because of the double coloured strokes - nice attempt Smile

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it has come out very nice ..

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nice design, kavi lines used differently.

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Very nice sitthi Smile

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Indu maam, beautiful thin strokes and combination of kaavi gives this kolam an elegant look... they look too good

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Kavi and white lines blended so well! Your freehand design is unique.

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This is really grand. Lots of new ideas present in this pattern. In fact, each could be explored separately.

Regards! - mOhana

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simply supperb, the flowers in the corner looks like a shehnai. the strokes are very perfect. excellently drawn.

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excellent work. pretty new designs and patterns
Things blend nicely with kavi in between

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Superb design with neat and definite strokes and i like your curves very much. Of course, the kaavi is blending well with the kolam.