uma's kolam

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This kolam is drawn by me on one of days of Marghazhi season. Since we live in a flat where the space is very less for a larger kolam to be drawn, I restrict myself, in drawing a semi small kolams everyday. since, ours is the first flat, the larger kolams get spoilt by walkers, who use this path, along our flat. So, I use only colour chalkpieces, to decorate my kolams.

This is flower kolam & the dots are from 11-3 straight dots.


Uma Mohan Krishnan.

Rangoli: uma's kolam


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cute kutti kolam.

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Umaji, you canput large kolam inside your home also for the sake ikolam members This little kolam infront of the house is also beautiful.

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Pretty pink flowers with inverted blue buds. Smile

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Uma ma'am this is a cute small kolam. I perfectly understand how you would feel when people spoil your kolam when they walk... only people who really understand the effort that goes into putting kolams are more careful not to spoil it...

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cute and neat kolam keep it up.waiting to see more of ur creations,,, Rajammji yes ur right...

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sweet and simple kolam. try to put bigger kolams anyways thanks for sharing

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Nice Kolam. I think it is filled with colour chalks. Thanks for sharing

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small but nicely coloured kolam Uma. Yes you can try Rajamma mam's idea for your satisfaction of making big kolams and also for us.

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I appreciate the way you want to still draw the kolam inspite of lack of space and that too with coloured chalk to make it look more prettier - lovely colour combination. Try and give us a bigger kolam next time which can be done inside your house like Rajamma said na Smile