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One day I was preparing for "Methi Pulav". Inspired by all our friends, I felt like trying a veg kolam. Immediately, I arranged on my kitchen slab, what all I had - onion, Methi, tomato, carrot, skin of carrot and stem of pumpkin (which I had in kitchen).Hope u like it.

Rangoli: Veggy-Kolam


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Yummu salad Padma - the methi leaves look nice and fresh Smile

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wow!!looks different padma..nice colours too..well arranged.keep itup

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Hi padma,
Excellent veg kolam. T he site of this kolam made me hungry .let me run to canteen..bye

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looks like a star fish

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very tasty veggie kolam padma...

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If you are in chennai , I am ready to taste veggie salad.Thanks for the visual treat.

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ur veg beauty is so nice

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pretty idea.
By the by wants to eat your yummy methi pulaoo.

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Cute Arrangement

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we have seen so many vegitable carvings in competetions, but only in ikolam we could see nice veggi designs. padma, your chatpat methi /veg kolam is beautiful.

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padmammA, very beautiful, great symmetry too! Please give the recipe for the pulAv too Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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I too admired your artistic play with the veges Padma. Smile
What is this I'm reading!? I can't believe my eyes! :0
I can't explain why but never expected Mohanaji to ask for a recipe. Smile

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Nice arrangment of vegetables.


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Padma maam a very pretty arrangement, yes i too would like to know the recipe

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Thank you friends for your tasty/mouth watering comments. i will uploading the recipe soon.

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Why are you surprised latA ma'am? I am a decent cook. I learnt many lessons from my beautiful wife including cooking. Cooking is nothing but the practical art of culinary chemistry.

Regards! - mOhana

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Smile Mohanaji, there is no doubt about you being an excellent cook. I had assumed that scientists wouldn't find the time to cook much since they are mostly busy experimenting with different chemical concoctions that have a greater impact on the general population (as opposed to cooking different recipes for the family). The benefits are far greater in the lab in comparison to the culinary chemistry at home. :0
And besides, about two years ago or so, you had mentioned here in this site that you only ate once a day anyway. Smile

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Actually cooking is quite relaxing in the sense one's attention is entirely concentrated on the cooking and there is no time to think about other things lest the final product should not become edible. Any way, must go home as the base is closed for the first time this winter due to snow Smile Dress rehearsals for the future probably!

Regards! - mOhana

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Tempting to taste your Pulav Padma.. Beautiful display of veggies, Expecting your recipe:)