vinayagar chaturti kolam

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Hai to all as I said before This is the kolam made in front of god after the completion of pooja In this I have placed decorated card board pieces which I did for dangler before in this link around mini tulsi maadam and placed a lamp
around the card board pieces .Ive used finger technique along with mirrors which gave more glittering look in glowing light more beautiful than viewing in photo and last one is centered by terrocota piece and decorated with mirrors and colour powders . hope you all enjoy this ..

Rangoli: vinayagar chaturti kolam


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wow very innovative idea!-suguna murugesan

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Wow...such an elaborate arrangement radhika....this itself says u r getting ready for d golu....

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Wow, wonderful job Radhika.


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amazing creativity,, would love to see ur comments in other members pages also

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Supero super RAdhika. Excellent work.

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Wow your creativity is just amazing dear, superb keep it up.

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Beautiful idea and innovation. Kolam with ready made (properties) wooden sqaures and the design around the terracota piece looks lovely.

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nice work radhika.

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Excellent creativity Radhika....looks fantastic.

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Excellent creativity radhika. Good job!

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Thankyou so much for your encouraging comments and Ammu Mam Thankyou so much Mam for your good comments we here in our Home dont have the practice of celebrating navaratri with golu .so Im going to enjoy all our ikolam members golu decorations.

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I admired this work from all angles, Radhika! What a great idea to combine craft works and rangoli in one such project! Beautifully made. I would like you to think of a name for this kind of a work - a name that somehow combines craft and rangoli, like you've done here. Please let me know when ever you're ready. Smile

I made something a couple of years ago, a mixture of kolam and rangoli, and ended up calling it "Rangolam". And you know what? Rajam ma'am followed it up with some of her own creations and called it Rangolam as well. :0

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Thankyou so much Lata Mam for your good comments sure Mam I will think a name for this work sooner and tell you Mam .