Welcome Marghazhi

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Hai to all....happy to welcome marghazhi...this is my third consecutive year i am sharing my marghazhi kolams...hope u like this simple one done to welcome this whole month of kolams...ur views pl...

Rangoli: Welcome Marghazhi


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wow ninaichen kuzhal kolama irukkumonu! dholl ma kannu :bigsmile: :love: :love:

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Haha... Wink Wink Wink

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warm welcome given to marghazhi i hope,,,, bright execution rani,,ur handbag kolam looks cute

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:bigsmile: wow, very beautiful kuzhal kolam rani. :love:

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May your relationship with ikolam exists for ever, thanks for sharing your wonderful creations. keep rocking!!!!

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Thanks a lot sugu, uma(haha...handbag aah...ayyo lamp maadiri teriyalaya.... Wink ), thanks suba and niths dear for ur loving comments... Smile

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Wow...A very bright and excellent start to Margazhi Rani...congratulations for your achievement and my best wishes for the many many more years to come. Very well designed kuzhal kolam and the centre design has come out very perfectly which is very very difficult to execute in a kuzhal and that lamps look very different and beautiful. And above all the colour combination is very apt. :love: :love:

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Thanks a lot sowmi for ur such encouraging words... Smile

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Hi RAni, grand start to consecutive (hatric) Marghazi season. So then another one month its a visual treat to all of us. The new design is perfect and very cute lamps. Congrats and Thank you.

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very beautiful kuzhal kolam rani

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oh, lamp ah, adhan karthigai over ayuduchula,,marandhuteengala,,,,looks like a cute handbag dear,,,

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Thanks a lot padma, laksh and uma...haha...yes yes margazhi has taken over... Smile

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Really pa Ranima. Even though we have never met, it seems like I have known you for many many years dear. Thank you for the visual treats you provide us on a daily basis sweetie Smile May you give us many many many more such wonderful treats :glasses:

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Thanks a lot da push...its always a puzzle to me why so many friends say to me these words pa....thanks to d Almighty i got so many wonderful souls here.... :bigsmile:

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Beautiful Roller kolam, Rani. Congrats for your two years completion with I-Kolam.

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Thanks maha...its just that i started here sharing my 2009 margazhi kolams last yr pa...still not completed my 2nd anniversary here... Wink

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perfect, attractive,beautiful colour combination,SUUUUUUUUUPERB RANI, AWAITING FOR THE asathal kolams. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Thanks a lot bala... Smile

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greencarpet welcome for Margazhi...very cute!

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Thanks rajamma mam... Smile

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Beautiful kuzhal kolam.

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Thanks ananthi mam... Smile