zodiac ganesha - contest

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my rangoli size is 15ft by 7.5ft.This rangoli is about is about 12
ganesha ideal representing the 12 zodic sign.it took 13hr to make hole rangoli.

Rangoli: zodiac ganesha - contest


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Innovative and Impressive Presentation. This looks like a Wall Painting. Good outcome to your painstaking effort in creating this magnificient display. All the best.

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WOW..WOW..this is what i can say...no words to excpress such a novel idea...all d best

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So much of effort have proved it well.. Its mind blowing.. Very creative and innovative.. So much of perfection in the ganesshas!!! All the best!!

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mind blowing!

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this is an absolutely beautiful piece of work.what a great idea.lovely.......

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This is best I have seen so far.. can't believe it is rangoli... seems more like painting.. Absolutely wonderful piece of work and what a unique idea. You should make wall hangings and sell it .. it will be a bit hit. Keep up the great work.. but for people like you this kind of art would have died long back.

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Excellent work. no words..All the best

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wonderful t. could imagine the energy spent on this unique artistic work. well done.

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Beautiful work...amazing idea.... n great effort... loved ur work... wish i can be that perfect with this art!!!!

All the best

Shalini (immature Artist)

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good idea and excellent work.

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Surprised !too artistic imagination of ganesha .looks like painting

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i think that you must be an artist.excellent work.

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Really wonderful work. This is the best creation i have seen. Looks like painting. All the best. Really meant for a prize.

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Excellent work and great effort in implementing. It is soooo nice and looks like as if painted. Even the small small intricacy works are perfect. Great job. All d best

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Very nice and creative work. Looks like painting. Black outlines are done elegantly. Is this done using normal rangoli powder?

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Most Amazing Ganesh

12 roop ki darshan

Sandeep K P Malde

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Amazing Ganesha...excellent work..all the best...

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excellent concept ...we can imagine all the hardwork gone in....which has yielded a magnificent outcome....great one, ....thanks soo much for sharing....all the best

hope you don't mind if i make a copy into my library Smile

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outstanding ideas

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thanku so much

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thanks to aall off u aafter reading aal the comments i really very very happy and yes i have used only normal rangoli powder!!!

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Very creative and amazing work.....superb.....nicely depicted Ganeshas...

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superb work

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Amazing work,idea and painstaking effort.Wish u all the best

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My hobby is collecting Ganesha and I wish one day I could get such forms of Ganesha.

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nice,looks like paintings.

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Very neat execution & unique design. I admire your creativity & your patience to execute such a neat work. Amazing.... Hats off u

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thanku soo much!!!!

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A novel idea certainly. These are drawn and arranged neatly. The details are a bit small for my eyes as each image itself is like a stamp. I would have preferred to one or two of these scaled up drawings than all of them. However, I have a fundamental question. God, any god for that matter, is the Lord of all the world(s). So is it okay to represent Him or Her as a scorpion or cancer? Overall, very imaginative and quite artistic. This year, I decided not to grade anyone. My dear friend, your enthusiasm and participation makes you already a winner in my opinion.

Regards! - mOhana

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Excellent work and wonderful presentation ,all the best!

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Loved this. The detailing in each one of these is absolutely marvelous. Well done. all the best

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really awesome ......good thinking ......cant even thought of tht......but u have a different way .......keep it up....
now abt the rangoli.......nice finishing.....proper shapes.....and everthing good

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Excellent work. no words

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Absolutely mind-blowing...no words...m speechless....Hats off to ur patience n talent....Simply marvelous...Wat best tribute to Lord Ganesha can be....other thn this....

@jkmrao: Lord represents Him in all forms...whether it was Matsya avatar or Kurma avatar or Varaha avatar or even narsimha avatar.....Its just about the imagination that how and where do you see you Lord....

The artist really needs an applause!!!!!

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To my friend tweetychirpy!
I did appreciate the art work as " very imaginative and quite artistic". I never decry anyone's art work. I only try to critique in a positive way so that the artist, if he/she agrees with my opinion, may be able to improve the art. This does not imply that the art work is bad. Coming to the point, I understand that God is everywhere and is present in all living and non-living, fixed and moving objects. However, we always associate God with the best qualities and objects we may imagine. Even though God may be present in HIV virus, we don't represent God in the form of HIV virus. That is why annamAchArya says thus in his song "entamAtramuna evvaru talachina anta mAtramE nIvu" (you are bound only by people's imagination). After all, whether God created man or not, man certainly created God and religion. In that way, I found it a bit perplexing to see God as a scorpion or a crab. This is not that I am against scorpion or the crab. But the moment one sees a scorpion, one thinks whether it is going to sting, not the other good qualities it may possess. It is only this that made me comment thus and I still feel the same way. If I differ with the artist's interpretation, it does not mean that I consider his / her art not good.

Regards! - mOhana

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Good One absolutely beautiful
u was winner in our city as well best of luck for this competition

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Good One It is very beautiful and perfect
I think u was winner of our society association on diwali last year i don't know about this year
best of luck for this competition

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Good work seems like very hard work u deserved it u should win this contest after all u r winner of our society and city as well best of luck

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What an amazing rangoli. It has a message too - in that - God is present in everything and everywhere. All the best.

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Lord Ganesha in 12 different Rasi blocks is a good imagination.

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nice , well drawn

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Amazing work! This is the first time I'm coming across Ganeshji represented in the form of all 12 zodiac signs.:)
Just so you know; this is an open platform, and our members here are encouraged to express the way they feel about the work(s). Our members help bring in different and interesting insights, and everyone ends up learning more from each other. Smile

Best wishes and thank you so much for participating in the contest. Smile

Rangoli contest 2010 results will be announced on November 20th at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time (that will be November 21st 7:30am Indian Standard Time)

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thnaku lata ji!!

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of course i 2 agree with tweety chirpy,the artist deserves a loud loud clap on behalf of all our ikolam frnz, a spl thanks 2 latha for uploading such wonderful creations,

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wxcellent work. all the best.

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@jkmrao: i completely agree with you....not only with your point but also in the manner you had put your thoughts....

May be we are so possessive and concerned with the way our God is represented that we cant see Him being represented with anything that lies on negative scale....There might be concerns even about representing any God in the form of Rangoli...since it is drawn on the floor and it lies beneath our feet...and we definitely would never want God to be there...but then again its the artist's imagination, how he devotes his/her to art to God....

At the end, the point is whether we are able to assimilate the very representation of the God...in this case...may be you cannot and i can...and i hope the artist has positively taken your criticism...Good Luck!!

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Congrats sir...thanks for such a visual treat....

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