Rangoli: Stars that have five-fold symmetry
Created by jkmrao on 2009-04-03,

Symmetry means repetition. A basic pattern must be repeatable in two and three
dimensions. If it has only rotational symmetry, it has no great use. Herein
comes the rub. A pattern that has a five-fold symmetry is not repeatable in space
with pure rotation symmetry alone. That does not mean we can not have motifs that
have five-fold symmetry as repeating units. However the overall symmetry is not
five-fold. Here is a five-fold star pattern that I tried to repeat in space.
Disclaimer - Not responsible if the pattern begins to dance before your eyes Smile

Enjoy. Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Painting waiting to be framed
Created by sjnt on 2009-04-03,

Same materials used for making bookmark. This is yet to be framed.

Rangoli: Bookmarks
Created by sjnt on 2009-04-03,

On the final day of school, we wanted to give something to the kids. We made a bookmark for each one. Everyone decorated according to their wish. I painted on them. Stuck a printout of their names, attached a tassle to the bookmark, and at last! the bookmarks are ready. It is done on black colour handmade paper.

Rangoli: Painting
Created by sjnt on 2009-03-31,

This painting is done using only crayons on handmade paper

Rangoli: Painting
Created by sjnt on 2009-03-30,

This is oil painting, used Jute cloth for the saree and blouse, background is ceramic and M-seal.

Rangoli: Design
Created by vasanthidlr on 2009-03-30,

This design is an imaginary piece.

Rangoli: Crown design
Created by vasanthidlr on 2009-03-30,

This is a designed crown front view. I just started to draw a broader design and finally a crown design is what I ended up with.

Rangoli: Flower vase
Created by vasanthidlr on 2009-03-24,

This is a designed flower vase without flowers. Purposely I didn't draw flowers because if I draw them then the beauty of the flower vase will be minimized.

Rangoli: Gurjari painting
Created by viji_j86 on 2009-03-24,

This is called Gurjari painting.

A gujarathi type painting. Done by all surface colours and made glitter with glass mirrors.
I'm sending this to the arts and crafts section

Rangoli: Smiling faces
Created by viji_j86 on 2009-03-12,

These two smiling faces are done by me in a plywood. The faces are also done by plywood. The background is done by tapping method. This I am sending into arts and crafts section viji