Rangoli: Guess the dot count
Created by sridevi72 on 2013-01-29,

This is a better version of previously posted kolam.
Please suggest the dot count if anyone gets it.
It is not mine, I got it from some blog.

Rangoli: birds kolam
Created by sridevi72 on 2013-01-29,

Another interesting kolam-can anyone guess the dot
count please?

Rangoli: Parrot Kolam
Created by karpagam.M on 2013-01-18,

Hai One more Parrot Kolam i tried please share ur views

Rangoli: Peacock kolam
Created by pavithra cutie on 2013-01-15,

its very easy to draw and colour

Rangoli: Peacock
Created by vijayasabari on 2013-01-14,

your view please...

Rangoli: Birds and flowers
Created by nsujata on 2013-01-14,

Hi all,
Wish you a happy pongal........

Rangoli: dot kolam
Created by vijayasabari on 2013-01-13,

7*4 dot pattern

Rangoli: Colorful Birdies
Created by bmrevathy_88 on 2013-01-10,

Three Cute Birdies for Friday

Rangoli: Markazhi kolam
Created by BalaChandrasekaran on 2013-01-08,

Markazhi kolam

Rangoli: modern peacock
Created by ddaayy on 2013-01-05,

This rangoli made for my cousin wedding.....