Created by Vidhya Sundar on 2020-01-14,

Wood Duck for today's Rangoli

Created by AMUDHA RATHINAVELU on 2019-01-12,


Rangoli: Lotus and Duck is waiting
Created by AMUDHA RATHINAVELU on 2017-09-28,

Rangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): Lotus and Duck is waiting by AMUDHA RATHINAVELU

Rangoli: Duck Rangoli
Created by smilyvani83 on 2016-04-29,

Rangoli 17x9-interlaced: Duck Rangoli by smilyvani83

Rangoli: Duck on lotus rangoli
Created by revathiilango on 2015-04-01,

Rangoli 11 to 1 straight dots.: Duck on lotus , with lotus and leaves. Kolam. by revathiilango

Rangoli: duck rangoli
Created by vijayalakshmi viji on 2015-01-27,

Duck kolam on 21.01.2015Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: duck rangoli by vijayalakshmi viji

Rangoli: Rangoli
Created by sjnt on 2009-05-05,

This was made by my daughter Ramya, when she was in school, for a competition.

Rangoli: Beginners Rangoli - Duck
Created by anirudh on 2009-05-01,

More scanned from my collections. I think this was very old one, when i started with this art, just added some colors

Rangoli: Painting
Created by preethirajaganesh on 2009-04-12,

An ornamental duck, and a beautiful butterfly too. Can you see that? A different imagination.

Rangoli: Circus Rangoli
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-01-07,

Hello, we usually celebrate new year day with lot of programs, games, etc during this holiday period with all ages within the colony. Rangolis was one item to all ladies to show ability, it was decided by the new year Organizing Committee that first place be given to this Rangoli, the prize went to Mrs. IndraPriyadharshini of (II block).