Rangoli: Dev Dipawali
Created by s_kavita on 2012-12-14,

This rangoli done by me today on the ocassion of devdipawali which is celebrated throughout maharashtra.Wishing you all a prosperous golden era ahead...Thanks.

Rangoli: Diwali rangoli
Created by sridevi72 on 2012-12-11,

This was done on diwali

Rangoli: Kolam around the lamp
Created by Padma Prakash on 2012-12-11,

Kolam around the lamp done during Deepavali.

Rangoli: Diwali
Created by s_kavita on 2012-12-03,

My rangoli radiating love,joy,peace.....all rangolis here are so great and divine....Beautiful creative work and thanks to all....Due to technical fault could'nt upload my rangoli earlier....This was made by me this diwali ....

Rangoli: Deepawali Rangoli
Created by kalpu.. on 2012-12-02,

Hi all uploading this inspirational rangoli aftr long gap.. i made this on diwali at my new residence...

Rangoli: Dotted Sangu, Ahal Vilakku and Poo kolam
Created by gvpriya on 2012-12-02,

I had put this kolam for Deepavali...hope you all like it. I like the concept of this kolam- sangu for Vishnu, ahal vilakkus for the "festival of lights" and poo design that further adds to its beauty.

Eagerly waiting to hear your opinion...


Rangoli: Diwali kolam
Created by abhiramishridhar on 2012-12-01,

Simple free hand kolam with only podi....

Created by sonalrmudaliyar on 2012-11-26,
This rangoli was published on 2012-11-26.
Rangoli: Diwali
Created by vara_ram on 2012-11-23,

Hi Friends
This is my first upload to ikolam. This rangoli decorated my house on Diwali. I want to share this with you all. Thank you.

Rangoli: Free hand rangoli
Created by ushi on 2012-11-20,

Dear All, Sharing another free hand rangoli. This was on the first day of Deepavli this year. Took half an hour to finish it. Thanks Usha.