Rangoli: crispy idly
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-08-22,

U may laugh on me saying teaching south Indian tamilian about idly. I know we like soft steamed idly .Dear friends one day i could not get my idly vessel(tondur)handy .so i tried to make this crispy idly which i tried when my nephew came from USA last diwali with family for dinner and everybody liked it .

Ingredients for four people
rice ...1 cup
udad daal(black gram)...2 and half cup
Soak both udad and rice separately for 3-4 hours .Grind udad to very fine and rice to little cores(not very fine).keep little thick as compare to steam idly . mix it and keep it for fermentation for 6-7 hours . Take round bottomed pan (kadai) which we normally use for frying things .Put 1 teaspoonful cooking oil preferably sesame oil .add on cup idly batter (dough) and keep it in very very low flame with the lid .Once the upper surface becomes dry reverse and put little oil from the side and keep it for another 4-5 minutes .serve hot with tomato sauce or samber or /and chutney .it goes very well with tea in the evening with company of our hero(I know u r laughing on my silly receipe yes na....)

Rangoli: Lotus Dosa
Created by bsindhuja on 2011-03-08,

After seeing the Judy's recent kitchen top kolam where she had spread the kola podi and drawn a chikku design with her (dancing) fingers, I was tempted to try something like that with wet maavu !! I spread some left over dosa maavu on my kitchen top and when it was almost dry, made this lotus using a matchstick! Not satisfied with the neatness... still thought of sharing it with you....