Rangoli: Stencil rangoli
Created by devilakki on 2011-07-11,

Rangoli drawn on chadhurthi with vinayaka. All are stencils coloured with my interest. Please let me know ur comments

Rangoli: craft work
Created by saka on 2011-07-11,

this is a pillayar made out of pearls.i took 2 days to do this and landed up by getiing severe pain at my neck and back.but after seeing the finished muthu pillayar i feel very happy.ur views please.

Rangoli: melon carving vinayagar
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2011-07-06,

Hai to all This is my melon carving emphasised with vinayagar and a same rose on top portion. I tried this out using a new curved cutting Knife (not a carving tool )which My Dad bought for me after a long search in shops . I have uploaded clubbed photos taken in different angles for your views .Hope you all will like this .

Rangoli: vinayagar kuzhal kolam
Created by cpdeepa on 2011-05-03,

This is the same as my earlier vinayagar kolam without colour.This I made in front of my inlaws house.

Rangoli: vinayagar kolam
Created by cpdeepa on 2011-05-03,

This is the vinayagar kolam I tried for the first time. Hope the picture looks like one.

Rangoli: PC version of DeepavaLi rangoli
Created by anirudh on 2011-03-29,

Here is the PC version asusual scanned & colored.
Dot count 29 X 15, extra 9, 5, 3 for Ganesha's head & crown in center.

the orignal is present here.

Rangoli: madhubani art
Created by aditya on 2011-03-21,

This madhubani ganesha was gifted to my brother last december. Had clicked this photo before framing. Your comments please.

Rangoli: Vinayagar frame work
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2011-02-05,

This is the hand painted frame work done by me to present it to my aunty for their house warming ceremony. In this I've done some photoshop work to show it in different angles .The first one is the original picture (2011 calender )which was my inspiration to do this painting and 2nd one shows its look before framing, 3rd one shows close up picture after framing and final 4th one shows the full framed view. Hope you all enjoy this ...

Rangoli: Stencil Designs
Created by vijaysowmya on 2011-02-04,

I am uploading my stencil collection as Judy wished to have a look of them all. this is my first set and i will upload another set later.

Rangoli: Sankadahara chadhurthi special
Created by devilakshmi on 2011-02-01,

Hi all i made this rangoli today on behalf of chadhurthi...just tried ... let me know all of your comments