tamil new year

Rangoli: varshapirappu kolam
Created by vijsumi on 2011-04-14,

this is made during the chithirai varsha aarambam day...........tamil new year.....wish you all a very happy tamil puthandu vazhthukkal.........sumi viju

Rangoli: Tamil New Year 2011
Created by Agilas on 2011-04-14,

Hi everybody wishing a happy prosperous Tamil New Year.............. and herewith i am uploading my simple tamil new year kolam.

Rangoli: puthandu maa kolam
Created by BharathiKRaman on 2011-04-13,

Puthandu nal vazhthukkal(happy tamil new year).Friends, all the kolams are done by my MIL who is 73 yrs old. I am deepa her daughterinlaw uploading her kolams here.all the comments are from her .I communicate it to you all.

Rangoli: tamil new year!
Created by Suguna Murugesan on 2011-04-13,

hai happy tamil new year for all! chikku kolam 17-1 straight dots. i put this kolam yesterday night n took photo today morning by the time some ants have eaten some places of my kolam! ur views pls..

Rangoli: birds
Created by julien on 2011-01-29,

hai everybody. i do this bird kolam on tamil new year
dots 10 -10

Rangoli: Tear drop rangoli
Created by rst_kolam on 2010-04-20,

Here is another version of tear drop kolam. We put this for Chittirai Thirunaal.13-7 cross dots.

Rangoli: tamil new year special
Created by deepa ram on 2010-04-20,

a kolam on the mud floor for chithirai varuda pirappu,an usual kolam but coloured to look different hope u all like it

Rangoli: Tamil New year - Rangoli
Created by Agilas on 2010-04-20,

I have done this rangoli for tamil new rangoli. Used materials are Rice powder & color powder.

Rangoli: ~Tamil new year 2010~
Created by balshaya on 2010-04-14,

Ive made diz rangoli using broken rice..dyed with food colouring!!!

Rangoli: chithirai malar
Created by Vasi on 2010-04-14,

WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR.This kolam has been drawn to-day i.e. day of