Created by Bhavani Mayilvahanan on 2013-03-25,

A Colorful rangoli to celebrate the festival of "COLORS".... HAPPY HOLI TO ALL ikolam members...

Rangoli: Holi and Women's day spl kolam
Created by ammuchandhini on 2012-03-07,

Hi friends....Happy Holi and Happy Women's day too(march 8th)....hope you like this freehand design done by me on this day....eagerly waiting for your views... Smile

Rangoli: rangoli
Created by Anisha Raghunath on 2012-03-07,

HAPPY HOLI to all ikolam members....!!!!not perfectly rangolibut just spalshed some colours to write happy holi.... :bigsmile:

Rangoli: Happy Holi and Woman's Day
Created by dibbutn on 2012-03-06,

This is a maakolam with dot count 15 to 8 interlaced dots. Hope you all like it. A very happy Holi and Woman's day to all my Ikolam friends. Like the bright colors of Holi, let each woman's life be filled with vibrant colors of happiness, prosperity, and good health.

Rangoli: Holi kolam
Created by sreegiri on 2012-03-05,

This kolam is for holi. I have made this design in the computer and added some colours .

Rangoli: spoiled holi kolam
Created by subashini on 2011-03-31,

I forgot to send this kolam before.But now I dedicate this kolam to all our indian team cricketers as a victory kolam .Hope all of you will join with me to enjoy.

Rangoli: Holi Rangoli - Dublin 2011
Created by meenaranjani on 2011-03-20,


Ireland celebrated Holi as Festival of Colors in South Dublin, 2011. I thought of displaying Maha raas leela mandala theme in under water rangoli but with a difference. Smile

I painted ceramic plates with Krishna and Gopi dancing figures and prepared them to be waterproof for the theme i opted for and finally filled the plates with water and decorated with flowers and candles. I definitely shd thank my friends Raji and Sivaneswary for helping me in arranging the layout.

Here i am presenting the Underwater raas leela rangoli to all my ikolam friends Smile


Rangoli: Holi rangoli
Created by brindhanagesh on 2011-03-19,

I wish all my ikolam friends a happy holi. This is a freehand attempt.

Rangoli: Festival of colors
Created by rajamma_2 on 2011-03-19,

HOLI...." rangon kee thyohaar"is celeberated thru out India on this poornima day. We ladies chanted "Soundharya Lahari" after the chandrodhayam.I had little time to put big rangoli with all colors. Did a small colorful wish to all. Enjoy HOLI.... with colors dearer to ikolam members.

Rangoli: Quilling card
Created by ankita seth on 2010-03-10,

This was the recent one... i made these paper roses by quilling ...gifted it to my husband on holi Smile