Rangoli: Birdies
Created by Lata on 2013-03-05,

All that talk about Valentine made me realize I hadn't made any rangoli with Valentine's day in mind, this year. So, here comes a bird couple, under the sky. The basic coloring is provided by chalk (both regular kind and pastel chalk), and the filtered sunlight through the branches is provided by Photoshop. What a romantic and protective bird he is! Smile

Rangoli: Flowers
Created by Lata on 2013-03-02,

A simple dotted kolam made using chalk.

Rangoli: Inspiration Rose from Amirtha Dhanam
Created by GOMATHI_KRISHNA on 2013-02-27,

Friends, I couldn't control my hands when I saw Amirtha Dhanam's roses. I drew a part of her roses on slate with color chalk pieces... But Friends, don't scold me for my try... Because pulia pathu punai sudu pota kadhaia iruku yenoda rose... Sad Still want to share with u all.

Rangoli: A really quick try!
Created by Lata on 2013-02-19,

A quick not so clean try of Mohanaji's rangoli on the wall, with colored chalk! We had fun trying this pattern both on the wall and the paper. The picture isn't clear enough since I had used pastel colored chalk on light colored wall.

I've added two levels other than what's found on Mohanaji's pattern. Here is the level of complexity:

n = 0, no of lines = 0, no of dots = 1
n = 1, no of lines = 1 (1 green), no of dots = 5
n = 2, no of lines = 5 (4 green, 1 pink), no of dots = 25
n = 3, no of lines = 9 (4 green, 4 pink, 1 blue), no of dots = 61
n = 4, no of lines = 13 (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 1 red), no of dots = 113
n = 5, no of lines = 17 (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 4 orange, 1 purple), no of dots = 181
n = 6, no of lines=21 (4 green, 4 pink, 4 blue, 4 orange, 4 purple , 1 light green) no of dots = 265

Rangoli: Free hand kolam
Created by Padma Prakash on 2012-12-14,

Execution of Free hand design which I got from net.

Rangoli: Chalk kolam
Created by Padma Prakash on 2010-09-17,

As I was talking to my mom, I just created this on a stool with chalk. I made the center sikku kolam and then added the borders too. I liked it and hence sharing with you.

Rangoli: Chalk Kolam
Created by Purni on 2009-05-21,

Here is Purni's chalk kolam.

Rangoli: Chalk kolam in Singapore!!!
Created by gowri_ana on 2009-04-23,

My mother makes this differently, she calls it Mahalaxmi kolam, I tried but not that successful.

Rangoli: Chalk kolam in Singapore!!!
Created by gowri_ana on 2009-04-23,

color chalk kolam butterflies and flowers - 10 :10 dots

Rangoli: Chalk chain [Art and Craft section]
Created by sjnt on 2009-04-23,

This is a chain made with chalk piece. My daughter did this a couple of years back. She carved out this chain from a chalk piece. The length of the chain was the length of a chalk piece. Since it is very fragile, whatever I could save from that, I have kept it inside a box.