Rangoli: Benne Krishna
Created by yashhegde on 2010-11-30,

Colored free hand Rangoli, created on Naraka chaturdashi day. It was raining when I was creating this.

Rangoli:  step-wise progress of Radha -Krishna rangoli
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2010-11-21,

Here i am uploading the stepwise progress of my rangoli Radha-Krishna

Rangoli: Radha Krishna
Created by shalini_srivastava on 2010-11-21,

Rangoli made at our office as diwali celebration.Simple rangoli color r used.

Rangoli: Radha -krishna
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2010-11-15,

I have used the rangoli colour powder for my rangloli .My ranglili is done outside my flatat coridor it is of 3x2 .5 sq feet .Every year i make rangli.It gives me tremendous pleasure .It is my hobby .This time i have decided to submit my rangoli for contest 2010 in your web will take this opportunity to appreciate your web which is very interesting .Also appreciate by keeping contest you encourage the small artists like me .Hope my rangoli will reach the top position .

Rangoli: Krishanar Padham
Created by niranjana on 2010-10-04,

This Krishnar padham have drawn during Gokulashtami.
the Outline is with Rice powder and fillings are with rice coloured with turmeric powder and kumkum.

Rangoli: Baby  krishna  lying on the basket
Created by shobhapad on 2010-09-02,

After the birth of Lord Krishna Vasudevar was advised by a devine voice to take the kid to the Namdagopar's house.This is seen in the above drawing.

Rangoli: Krishna Jayanthi Special - Sikku Kolam - 30
Created by P.Veni on 2010-09-01,

Hello All, This is a small Ther Kolam special for Krishna Jayanthi. Your views please....

Rangoli: Janmashtami Kolam - 2 (Dotted)
Created by brindhanagesh on 2010-09-01,

This is a dotted kolam in 20 x 14 pattern. This took almost 3 hrs to make.

Rangoli: Janmashtami Kolam -1
Created by brindhanagesh on 2010-08-31,

I saw this picture in Guruvayoor almost 20 yrs ago. I had been trying to make this into a freehand kolam and also a painting since long. Kolam materialised and I hope painting also will be done. This took me 5 hrs to make.

Rangoli: onam  celebrations
Created by shobhapad on 2010-08-22,

Onam is one of the biggest festival in Kerala.It marks the begining of life.Various dishes are prepared on that day including papadam is must.Different different colourful rangolies and poo kolams can be seen every where to welcome Mahabali.

Also I am sending Lord Krishna keeping Navaneetham on his hand which was drawn by me on seeing the book. Devotees goes to Guruvayoor to see the vennai alankaram.