Rangoli: Happy Valentine's Day
Created by dibbutn on 2014-02-13,

A very happy valentines day to all my friends. This kolam is dedicated to my dearest hubby Sree. Special thanks to all my friends for encouraging me to put this. Teacher amma,MM,singapore rani,monalisa,and minnal :):)

Rangoli: Happy valentine's day!-1
Created by Suguna Murugesan on 2014-02-13,

hi friends...this is a indoor free hand kolam :)..happy valentine's day to all my friends! hope you all like this Smile

Rangoli: Valentine's day rangoli
Created by Anisha Raghunath on 2014-02-13,

Happy Valentine's day to all my ikolam friends.....!!!!a small creation by me....

Rangoli: Valentine day spl kolam
Created by ammuchandhini on 2014-02-13,

Hai to all..Hope you like this freehand rangoli done on account of valentine day...your views pl Smile

Rangoli: valentines day
Created by umaraja on 2014-02-13,

hai frnz,,, this day evolved into an occasion of sharing love through flowers, confectionery, cards and what not,,, but just remember that its none other than trust and unconditional love that makes your relationship everlasting ,,,happy valentines day Smile

Rangoli: Freehand Rangoli
Created by thilakalakshmi on 2014-02-04,

This freehand kolam was drawn by me in my pooja room. I Started with padikolam and extended it with hearts....! Your comments please...! Smile

Rangoli: Birdies
Created by Lata on 2013-03-05,

All that talk about Valentine made me realize I hadn't made any rangoli with Valentine's day in mind, this year. So, here comes a bird couple, under the sky. The basic coloring is provided by chalk (both regular kind and pastel chalk), and the filtered sunlight through the branches is provided by Photoshop. What a romantic and protective bird he is! Smile

Rangoli: Valentine's day special sikku kolam
Created by drshireesha on 2013-03-01,

This Valentine's sikku kolam I dedicate to all my ikolam friends...:)

Rangoli: Valentine's Rangoli
Created by dibbutn on 2013-02-20,

This is the Valentine's Rangoli I did for Valentine's Day but due to a busy schedule I was unable to upload it. Hope you all like this. Dot count is based on the pattern of the rangoli.

Rangoli: Valentines in chikku kolam
Created by Lata on 2013-02-16,

I see four hearts in this well known chikku kolam. I've used poster paint. As you could probably make out, it is still wet. Smile