Rangoli: Celtic Hearts knot
Created by anirudh on 2011-02-14,

Been trying some Celtic knots, using dots, this one came out like hearts knots, thought it would be special for this day. As they normally using represent the bonding and endlessness, normally gifts adorned with these knots would be given with best wishes of longevity.

Happy Valentines day.

Dot count 12 X 12 and three lines of 4 dots at center on all the four sides.

Created by Bhavani Mayilvahanan on 2011-02-14,

This is a dotted kolam with the dot count 15-3 times, straight dots upto 3.
This kolam is made using only heart shapes and coloured only with pinl shades(including outline).I've used 5 different shapes of heart and 5 shades of pink....

Rangoli: 10 x 10 Kolam
Created by dibbutn on 2011-02-11,

Hi friends, this is another simple 10 x 10 kolam, my own imagination with hearts and bouquet of flowers, dedicated to my loving husband, just in time for Valentines. Hope you all like it

Rangoli: 10 x 10 rangoli
Created by rojababu on 2011-02-10,

I thought this rangoli will suit for valentine day also. I created my own design. hope all ikolam members like it.

Rangoli: 10 * 10 Valentine's Day
Created by indira sundar on 2011-02-09,

Dear Friends,
This is another 10 * 10 dotted Valentine's Day Special kolam.

Rangoli: Valentine Kolam
Created by judelined on 2011-02-04,

Straight dots: 9 - 1

Couple of days ago I had not prepared what kolam to put so I just put dots 9 - 1 and started joining the dots as I pleased and this is the outcome - a Valentine Kolam. The kolapodi which I had bought recently was not of very good quality and though I had mixed rice flour it was not spreading properly so I had to apply the podi again and again to try and achieve a little bit of neatness and here is the final product - your certification is needed here dear friends..

Rangoli: Love flower
Created by srilakshmi_lux on 2010-08-20,

Hi friends. Happy festivals to all of you. Enjoy all the forthcoming festivals happily.

This is my last kolam. I am going to my grand mother home for my first baby delivery. I may not be online frequently. But once I am come back, I will again get in touch with you all with my new collections of PC kolams.

The dots for this kolam is 13-7.

Rangoli: Love flower
Created by srilakshmi_lux on 2010-08-08,

Friends this is a small rangoli. The dots are 10 - 10. Last line is 8.

Rangoli: Valentine 2010
Created by sandhyabalas on 2010-02-15,


My romantic rangoli is inspired by the traditional Aishwarya kolam. Here is hoping that this valentine kolam brings lots of love to all homes and families.

Rangoli: Romantic Rangolis
Created by judelined on 2010-02-14,

Interlaced dots 11 - 6

I put this kolam outside my house on the day of my naphew's engagement couple of weeks ago and was waiting to upload it when I saw your announcement about 'Romantic Rangolis'. Now since this was an ordinary white kolapodi kolam I decided to redo it on photoshop and add the colours red and pink also and here is what you see. The normal traditional kolam with white hearts and a modern copy using photoshop with two shades each of red and pink... Hope I am able to spread enough love around ikolam Smile